Dynamic Toner Management

At M2 we are constantly reviewing and improving our operational systems to improve our service delivery standards for the enhanced benefit of our customers.

Over the past few months our customer service team has been busy evolving our Proactive solution to improve toner management so it dynamically moves with you – the result is a more robust system that monitors customers’ real time usage for true Just In Time (JIT) consumable delivery and is an innovative first in the automated toner replenishment (ATR) industry.

Vikki Smith, Customer Experience & People Director at M2 commented:

“Our M2 Intelligence platform has led the way in customer accessibility to information on their fleet and assets including proactive consumables. We constantly look at ways to improve our service to customers and this has seen the development of Dynamic Triggering Consumable Dispatch.”

“Rather than setting the trigger level at a fixed percentage, we work out on a daily basis based on variable usage when we should dispatch. This means consumables arrive when they are really needed, making the whole service far more seamless, leading to a better customer experience.”

More in the New Year when we will be bringing you information on improvements to the M2 Customer Portal, meanwhile…

Dynamic Triggers Explained

M2 has made a fundamental change to the way we monitor and order toner on an automatic basis to improve our Proactive solution for the benefit of our customers, by shifting from a static industry setting prompt to a dynamic rules based customer usage led trigger.

Gareth Monk, our Customer Service Consumables Efficiency Manager, explains:

“We’ve added more science to the process by implementing a dynamic trigger that intelligently interprets fluctuating device usage, previous toner deliveries and consumables yields.”

“The system is no longer reliant on a ‘one size fits all’ static setting governed by the device and toner type to trigger replenishment on a just in time basis.”

M2’s new dynamic system reacts in real-time to customers’ current usage on an individual device and per toner basis (CYMK). It uses historic device information, such  as previous order and delivery dates and how long previous toners lasted, rather than basing usage on static industry set yields.

New technology developments enabled M2 to evolve their existing technical solution to ‘move with the customer’ overcoming inherent usage issues that were difficult to predict with static settings.

Poling more than one metric (meter readings, toner levels, device status reports) provides a robust trigger system with inbuilt resilience – should one fail, another will pick up on a first past the post system. The solution is unique, it evaluates and adjusts each trigger on every automatic reading received from the device in line with customer usage.

This new algorithm has extended compatibility to mono devices that were not previously compatible with M2’s Proactive due to technical OEM constraints and also enables each colour (Cyan, Yellow, Magenta) to be individually read.

M2 has a large and diverse customer base with variable needs, and the static industry approach was not always meeting their JIT expectations as the old system could not account for sudden, unpredictable spikes in toner usage, or seasonal peaks

Gareth continues:

“I’m excited that we’ve technically developed Proactive to apply intelligence to automatic toner replenishment.”

“Customers no longer need to worry about seeking an early replacement or getting on the phone when they want to print a larger volume than usual or experience peak volumes unexpectedly.”

“It constantly adapts to usage – adjusting to deliver toner sooner if it identifies peak or increased volumes or to reconfigure delivery if usage drops.”

“To our knowledge no other industry ATR solution is capable of this. I don’t know of any other system that manipulates at such a granular level while giving full simultaneously visibility which is why we are proud to be the first to go-live with such a fantastic product to the market.”

The new solution will be fully integrated into the M2 Intelligence customer portal at the end of November and rolled out to M2’s Proactive user base from December following a successful pilot with 20+ customers.

Interested | Speak to your Account Manage or Customer Relationship Manager if you would like to be one of the first to be set up on the new improved Proactive solution.

As expected with M2, all of the ‘new’ information will be fully transparent on M2 Intelligence allowing users to view every detail of device usage, toner consumption, and be confident that the toner orders will be fulfilled before the actively flagged predicted end date without resorting to querying metrics.