A growing and ageing population has placed greater demand on healthcare services, meaning technology is now at the forefront of managing risk. The Health sector is striving to deliver digital transformation and better services at a reduced cost, as well as trying to future proof investments. Enabling better connectivity, communication, data sharing and improving workflows is key, as well as delivering the Paperless Agenda set by the Department of Health and Social Care. This needs to be supported by cultural change to improve digital skills, collaboration, and streamline working processes.

Solutions Delivered

  • Digital document management solutions to improve security, efficiency, streamline workflows and reduce costs.
  • Scanning services to help practices, hospitals and clinics add paper-based medical records to their Electronic Document Management systems and Electronic Patient Records.
  • Managed Print Rooms to deliver secure scanning services, enabling digitisation of sensitive records without the need to send them off-site.
  • Secure off-site scanning for large volume archiving and specialist litigation support.