Local Government

Local authorities are being challenged to provide new, personalised services to their citizens with more challenging budgets. Devolution, combined authorities and city deals have significantly changed political structures in recent years. Challenges around digital tools, skills and new design approaches which will play a pivotal role in creating new ways of engaging with citizens. Public pressure to reduce carbon footprint and implement data security will be key drivers for digital transformation.

Solutions Delivered

  • Workflow automation to handle routine and repetitive tasks more efficiently.
  • Managed Document Services provide innovative digital document management solutions to help Local Governments improve efficiency, streamline workflow and reduce costs.
  • Specialist secure off site scanning for large volume archiving and specialist litigation support.
  • Storage of digitised documents in either on-premise or an accredited secure hosted solution, such as SCC’s secure cloud platform, Sentinel, ensuring the security and integrity of data, documents and records.
  • Document digitisation service, giving increased accessibility to relevant information for staff and citizens, and increased data security protecting information against accidental damage, and enhancing collaboration between partner organisations.
  • Solutions to positively support local authorities’ sustainability agendas.