Operational and business challenges are shaping the future of Police forces. Reduced budgets and changing social needs mean Forces are seeking to transform ways of working, to allow more effective engagement with the communities they serve whilst driving efficiencies and not compromising frontline services. This means radical change for the foreseeable future. SCC MPDS solutions focus on improving operating efficiency of front line so that more resources can be invested in crime prevention, and supporting legacy systems and infrastructure.

Solutions Delivered

  • Workflow solutions to reduce the cost of printing in-house.
  • Automation of paper intensive document-related processes for greater control and enhanced security through the input, throughput and output phases.
  • Managed Document Services for improved data management, accessibility and collaboration through digitisation.
  • Asset Management Software for increased compliance, visibility of costs and control over print usage.
  • Managed Print room solutions for secure scanning services, enabling digitisation of sensitive documents and records without the need to send them off site.
  • Specialist secure off-site scanning, for large volume archiving and specialist litigation support, eliminating data silos and helping to create a complete, integrated, indexed view of all data.
  • Storing digitised documents in either on-premise or an accredited secure hosted solution such as SCC’s secure cloud platform, Sentinel, ensures the security and integrity of data, documents and records.