Document Production Unit

Traditional office-based Post and Print Rooms can often be slow to adapt to change, take up office space and are intrinsically tied to your physical environment. They usually are not be suited to supporting home or mobile workers, which now more than ever is a key requirement for any business continuity plan.

Through its centralised shared document services centre, the Document Production Unit (DPU), SCC has extensive experience in delivering solutions across dedicated customer office environments. Specialising in off-site Inbound Digital Post, Hybrid Outbound Mail, bulk Scanning, and Reprographics, the DPU can either support all document requirements fully through its secure and well invested off-site location, or act as an overflow to existing document operations within customer offices.

In the short-term, we help to keep businesses running. In the long-term, we can set you on a digital path to free you up from paper-based processes.


  • Continuity: Off-premise solutions to keep you running.
  • Flexibility: ‘Pay-as-you-go’ commercial agreements, avoiding fixed costs.
  • Mobilisation: Fast implementation, saving you time.
  • Scalable: Can be right-sized to meet demand.
  • Future-proofed: Supports digital workflows.
  • Peace of mind: Improved security and regulatory compliance.


Digital Inbound Post

Effectively managing inbound post is critical for any business, to ensure important information and data continues to flow in. When offices close temporarily, or operate with a reduced staff, this can be a challenge.

The SCC DPU can address this by receiving your post, scanning and indexing it, then delivering it to you digitally via a Document or Post Management System. Managing inbound post in this way opens up opportunities to link to Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Robotic Process Automation (RPA) systems, speeding up processes and saving you money.

A Digital Inbound Post solution can aid your cash flow, facilitate greater adherence to data regulation and improve data security for both physical and digital documents.

Outbound Hybrid Post

An Outbound Hybrid Post solution removes the need to print, frank and post physical letters, which can often be time consuming.

By setting up a dedicated and secure online portal, an off-site outbound postal solution enables the upload of correspondence, which can then be printed and dispatched from the SCC DPU.

This solution supports home and remote working, facilitates business continuity, significantly shortens the process of dispatching important communications to your customers via post, and assists with regulatory compliance.

Scanning and Archiving

It can be costly and time consuming to store, manage and retrieve physical documents. When employees work from home, this becomes an inhibitor to making progress. With the constant growth in data and documents that businesses are required to manage, a properly implemented scanning and archiving service can therefore bring significant benefits.

SCC Document Services considers all of your requirements to digitise your legacy physical documents, and this can be delivered either off-site in one of our secure DPUs, or on-site in your office. All of our staff are thoroughly vetted and trained, employ the latest eDiscovery techniques, and ensure that you receive the most appropriate database or archive to meet your needs.

Our scanning and archiving solutions also reduce data entry, by implementing software that can convert scanned images into editable text, and also distribute digital documents to electronic workflow systems and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) systems.

Offsite Reprographics

The SCC DPU produces a range of printed materials to help businesses achieve real standout in their communications.

If you have a requirement to manage printing frequently, our Web2Print portal allows you to manage this remotely, and directly with our experienced DPU team.

Materials include:

Perfect bound ‘coffee-table’ style hardback books.
Bespoke sales documents, including embedded video.
Bid boxes and books.
Option to include digital elements e.g. lights/video screens.
Exhibition materials e.g. display stands, banners, digital wallpaper, vinyls, printed carpet.
Corporate gifts.
Digital screens.
Lithographic printing e.g. business cards, letterheads and brochures.
3D printed items.
Bespoke and specialist items.

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University case study

Contract specialist case study

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