Workflow Automation

SCC MPDS can help you to redesign and improve business processes, to support your operational strategy and achieve your objectives. We help you to redefine your productivity.

Our solutions protect and control data as it flows in and out of your business, ensuring compliance with the latest regulations. They can also capture, route and deliver information securely throughout your business, ensuring you move towards a digital-first future and improve your efficiency.

SCC MPDS workflow automation solutions support agile working and provide access to your business information from anywhere, while also maintaining robust security and document management governance.


  • We create new, or streamline existing, paper-based and digital workflows which provide secure access to business information from anywhere.
  • Our processes ensure compliance with the latest regulation, and improve the security of your information.
  • Workflow automation creates better collaboration across remote teams and sites, with smooth handoffs and audit trails between teams.

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